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Daulat Hatcheries is a Unit of Daulat Farms Group of Companies, Daulat Farms Group of Companies is a central India based business group having diversified interest in agriculture related businesses. Group is being promoted by young and enthusiastic entrepreneur having keen interest in agro related business since last two decades.

The group has started its activity way back in 2009 with a strong inroad map to emerge a large corporate house in Agro related activities.

Our Businesses Includes Organic Farming & Processing, Poultry Breeding, Poultry Farming, Poultry Hatching, Egg Production, Poultry Feed, Cattle Feed, Dairy, Organic Fertilizer, Fish, Prawns & Shrimp Farming and Hatching, Mushroom Cultivation Etc.

Today, Daulat Farms Group is Leading Manufacturer, Processor, Breeder & Exporter of Certified Organic Food, Spices & Grocery Products, Milk & Milk Products, Fish, Prawns, Shrimp, Poultry Day Old Chicks, Eggs, Live Desi Country Chicken & Kadaknath Chicken, Frozen Chicken, Poultry Feed, Poultry Antibiotics, Organic Fertilizer Etc. Having World Class Infrastructure, Research Centre, Export House, Processing Units, Poultry Breeding Farms, Fish Ponds and Processing Units, Poultry Hatchery Etc.

Daulat Farms Group is Working with 8600+ Farmers. Our Organic Products are Certified for India, US and European Countries Organic Standards. We Produce Certified Organic Products, Milk & Milk Products, Varieties of Poultry & Cattle Feeds, Varieties of Eggs, Varieties of Fish Products, Varieties of Poultry Breeds, Varieties of Organic Fertilizer, Varieties of Poultry Antibiotics Etc.

Daulat Organic Farms and Exports, a Government of India Recognized Export House, is part of the Daulat Farms Group of Companies, having diversified business into areas of Organic Agricultural Commodities, Organic Ready-to-Eat Food, Organic Indian Spices, Organic Herbs, Organic Groceries, Milk, Milk Products, Chicken, Eggs, Fish, Prawns, Shrimp, Poultry Feed, Organic Poultry Feed, Cattle Feed, Organic Fertilizer Since 2009, the group has been making progress in leaps and bounds for exporting products and commodities to even the far-reaching corners of the world. Every day, we create sustainable models of adhering to the best practices in the industry.

We have always endeavored to offer the best of the quality products in the International markets.

Daulat Organic Farms and Exports offers the best of Agricultural Commodities, Poultry & Ready-to-Eat Products.

To cater growing demands of customers & to handle more variety of cargo, in 2012 company came up with an ULTRA-MODERN STATE-OF-THE-ART facility to PROCESS-CLEAN-SORT and pack its products.

Keeping in mind its high value customers of USA, EU, Mediterranean, CIS, Middle-East & Far-East and company has separate buildings in one compound to store, process and pack all products in order to avoid contamination.

Starting with only few products, company now actively deals in more than 300 different products & varieties.

Quality and hygiene conscious in our processing and production catered to varied importers and quickly built a reputation for a class product and satisfied customers list.

Please explore our Products Section to know more about our extensive portfolio under both the categories.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

7800 +
34889 +
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Daulat Farms Group started India’s First Organic Poultry Breeding Farms by Own Research & Development Centre, Poultry Hatchery and Poultry Feed plant by developing 24 Acres of farm land and production capacity of day old chicks 2 Crore yearly.

The Daulat Farms Group is one of the largest Desi Chicken, Kadaknath Chicken, Desi Eggs, Brown Eggs and Day Old Chicks producers in India. Through an unwavering commitment towards quality, excellence and strategic integration, we have built a diverse portfolio of operations that include grandparent stock, parent stock, hatcheries, Organic farming, Free Range Poultry farming, Layer farming, feed production, poultry processing, large-scale mechanized farming and equipment fabrication.

Today we remain singularly focused on providing carefully raised, fresh, local chicken to the India & Many other countries. We trace our roots back to a single, small egg farm. A lot has changed over Many Years, including the switch from selling table eggs to growing chickens. But our biggest changes came through a focus on “small.” In the 2009, with a nascent consumer consciousness around food production, we moved away from the trend toward bigger, faster and cheaper. We focused on our consumers in the India, US, Canada, UK, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Germany, Switzerland Etc. and on how we raise chickens. We removed from chicken feed the animal by-products that are often used as a cheap source of protein. We stopped the common practice of using antibiotics.

We follow a simple guiding principle: “the way nature intended.” All of our chickens are raised in a reduced stress environment, fed an all-vegetarian diet with no animal fats or animal proteins, and all organic breeds never, ever receive any antibiotics.

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