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We know our breeds. Every breed has its own characteristics and habits.

Operational Integrity

From the cleanliness of our farm to the quality and health of our breeds WE CARE about what you purchase !

Nature intended

We follow a simple guiding principle: "the way nature intended." All of our chickens are raised in a reduced stress environment.


Continually educating ourselves and our staff allows us to assist YOU in being a successful "Poultry Farm" owner.


We take Bio-Security very seriously and are regularly monitored and inspected by our doctors and experts

Natural Veg Diet

Our Chicken fed an all-vegetarian diet with no animal fats or animal proteins, and all organic breeds never, ever receive any antibiotics

Numbers Speak For Themselves !

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34888 +
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Meat Purpose Breed

Varieties of Meat Purpose Breeds which is good for meat with less tender and real country chicken taste.

Egg Purpose Breed

Varieties of Egg Purpose Breeds which is good for egg production which lays more eggs than meat purpose breed.

Dual Purpose Breed

Varieties of Dual Purpose Breeds which is good for meat and egg production both.

Brown Eggs

Varieties of Fresh Brown Eggs for Resellers

Free Range Eggs

Varieties of Free Range Eggs for Resellers

Desi Eggs

Varieties of Desi Eggs for Resellers

Kadaknath Eggs

Varieties of Kadaknath Eggs for Resellers

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