DFBRO 308 Broiler Chicks

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The DFBRO 308 Broiler breed is renowned for its genetic prowess, offering accelerated growth rates and efficient feed conversion. With these chicks, you’re investing in the future of your poultry farm. These chicks have a track record of exceptional performance in commercial poultry farming. Their ability to thrive in various environments, coupled with their adaptability, makes them a top choice for farmers around the world.

The accelerated growth rate and robust health of DFBRO 308 Broilers result in lower feed costs and quicker turnaround times, leading to significant cost savings and higher profitability.

DFBRO 308 Broilers are known for their remarkable growth rate. These chicks reach market weight quickly, making them an excellent choice for commercial poultry farms. The accelerated growth means less time and resources spent raising the birds, ultimately leading to higher profitability.

Efficient feed conversion is a key trait of the DFBRO 308 breed. These birds can turn their feed into body weight with exceptional efficiency. Lower feed costs translate to better financial outcomes for your poultry farm.

DFBRO 308 Broilers are bred to be hardy and robust. They exhibit resistance to common poultry diseases and have strong immune systems. This resilience ensures a higher survival rate and less reliance on antibiotics or medications. The meat produced by DFBRO 308 Broilers is known for its quality. It’s lean, tender, and full of flavor. The high meat yield ensures that every bird contributes to your bottom line.


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